Reliable NEMT Transport!

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Additional charges are not applied for different sizes.


Trained staff that will help you in and out of vehicle.


You can always bring your caregiver (up to 2 persons) with you, no charge.

Blessed Ride Transportation logo. NEMT transportation where every client is treated as VIP.

Book with us NOW! All NEMT transport available: wheelchair, stretcher, or ambulatory. Blessed Ride, LLC is your safest choice for reliable and enjoyable non emergency medical transportation.

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We offer competitive prices without hidden fees. 

** Please take note that the time on the form is military and that afternoon time starts at 1300 ** 


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** Time on form is MILITARY. Afternoon times start at 1300 ** 

Opened back of gurney, stretcher, or NEMT transport van.

Our vehicles are always clean and maintained for your safety.

You’re allowed up to TWO assistants with you for FREE. If you feel the need to have one more person on top of the two, know that you will be charged a small fee. 



**Extra charges are also applied during holiday seasons and after hours. Contact us for more info.

There is no other hidden fees. You can book with us and not have to worry about surprise charges. 

Opened back view of wheelchair transport van.